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    Why You Need to Care About Mental Wellness

    Key Terms: mental wellness, mental health, self-care, growth

    When you think about your mental health and understanding why it is important, We want you to liken it to how you would treat the car of your dreams. If you had the car of your dreams you would want to keep it in great condition. You would get it washed regularly and would be mindful to make your car payments on time so that it does not get repossessed. You would park it in the shade so that the paint does not get damaged and would make sure to not spill anything in the car. But, more importantly, it would be critical to take care of the parts of the car that are not easily seen. You would get regular oil changes and services and would be careful not to drive at high speeds to reduce the risk of wear and tear on the car.

    Similarly, when it comes to mental health, we need to take care of ourselves because we only get one body. And just the way a car will exhibit some concerning symptoms when it is not taken care of, we too will start to feel the weight of the neglect to our mental health.

    Strong mental health can fuel the rest of your body, and make a great impact in your life. It’s a worthwhile investment in yourself that can have a positive impact on those around you too.

    You can start taking care of your mental health by:

    • Getting a good night sleep (ideal 7-8 hours)
    • Eating a balanced meal
    • Having a strong support system
    • Engage in regular physical activity
    • Practice gratitude
    • Setting boundaries
    • Engaging in healthy relationships
    • Limit your intake of alcohol and avoid addictive behaviour to mind-altering substances
    • Limit your screen time (i.e. television, cellphones, laptops)
    • Seek support when you are having a challenging time in your life
    • Learn something new